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"Quiet Beach- La Push" handmade ceramic tiles, mounted in a black wooden floater frame; 12"w x 16"h 

NEW WORK: Inspired by the rugged Pacific Northwest coast, these seascapes explore the edges where humans and nature interact. I explore this theme through the mediums of ceramic tiles as well as woodblock prints.


This site is a collection of handmade ceramic art tiles made by Paula Gill of Bremerton,
Washington. Each tile is carved by hand; each is a one of a kind original, no molds are used. You'll find scenes of birds, flowers and bugs in the garden; chickens and orca whales, and images that will bring back fond memories of a favorite road trip.

With a wire embedded in the back of each tile, these handmade ceramic art tiles can be hung alone or in groups on an interior wall, or add a bright note of color to your garden fence and patio wall.

Combined with solid color background field tiles, these handmade ceramic art tiles can be permanent installations in a kitchen backsplash, tub surround or fireplace. A line of custom color matched field tiles and trim are available. Send an email for details and estimates. Click on "Installations" in the menu bar on left to see photographs of Red Step Studio tiles featured in kitchen and bathrooms.

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I've recently added a new sideline: interacting on PINTEREST! 

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