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"Driftwood, Union River Estuary"  ceramic paper clay tile, 16"h x 12"w X 1/8"d


I have been sketching in nature for several years now with a black ink pen on watercolor paper. When in the field, I capture the essentials of a composition and make color notes. Upon return to my studio, I apply watercolor to the sketches. My intent is to recreate the freshness and spontaneity of these original sketches on a ceramic medium. For my "ceramic paper" I make sheets of 1/8" thick 12" x 16" ceramic paper clay, which is a mixture of clay and paper pulp. Once I fire these, the paper pulp burns off and I'm left with a rigid ceramic tile with a rough paper like surface. I paint my images with thinned down underglazes and fire the tile again. The result is a fired ceramic tile that has the appearance of a watercolor on handmade paper, but is really a completely fired ceramic tile. See more.



During the workshop we'll discuss the concepts of high contrast black and white design, how to use carving tools with a method called "sgrafitto". I will have ready-made designs available or you can bring in your own design. During the workshop you will carve a handcrafted leatherhard tile. After the workshop your tile will be dried slowly, fired once and then a second time with a clear glaze coat. Your tile will have 4 cork pads attached to the back as well as a wire embedded in the back making it suitable for use either as a coaster or for hanging as wall art. Your finished tile will be ready for pick up within three weeks of the workshop date.

***If you're interested in attending a workshop, send me an email and I will let you know about future workshops. I may schedule some events in October of this year 2017.


Personalized Tile Carving Parties: Need a creative and unique idea for a special party? Gather some friends together for a fun afternoon or evening to carve tiles. I will travel to your place with all the materials needed. All you need to provide is a work table and good lighting. Minimum number of guests is 6, maximum is 10. Email for rates at tiles@redstep.com

   Testimonials from tile carving party-goers: 
       "I certainly enjoyed it & sense everyone did too, & look forward to seeing the finished results.
        Paula, you are a gifted teacher as well as artist!" CE, Vashon Island

       "It was total fun. Everyone really enjoyed it." KG, Vashon Island

       "I've done this with Paula. It is a lot of fun & I highly recommend it." HS, Port Townsend

       "It was great fun! Paula's an excellent teacher!!" DC, Port Townsend


This site is a collection of handmade ceramic art tiles made by Paula Gill of Bremerton, Washington. Each tile is carved by hand; each is a one of a kind original, no molds are used. You'll find scenes of birds, flowers and bugs in the garden; chickens and orca whales, and images that will bring back fond memories of a favorite road trip.

With a wire embedded in the back of each tile, these handmade ceramic art tiles can be hung alone or in groups on an interior wall, or add a bright note of color to your garden fence and patio wall. They can also be used as coasters or trivets.

Combined with solid color background field tiles, these handmade ceramic art tiles can be permanent installations in a kitchen backsplash, tub surround or fireplace. A line of custom color matched field tiles and trim are available. Send an email for details and estimates. Click on "Installations" in the menu bar on left to see photographs of Red Step Studio tiles featured in kitchen and bathrooms.

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