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Farewll to Acanthus

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One color linoleum block print from the "Gratitude" series: A dear friend helped me to begin a long dreaded garden task–to uproot and remove two large acanthus plants that had taken over a section of my yard. Acanthus, if you aren't familiar with it, does not like to be moved. In fact, it resists mightily by having the most brittle, myriad, and deep roots, which break into little bits when you try to dig them out. Each little bit has the vigor and resolve to make a brand new  vigorous and large plant. Upon further research I learned that it is best to plan the operation to take 2 years. I am grateful to my friend who came over one weekend and helped me start on the task. At this point, a year later, I have dug up almost 100 young starts. This coming spring I will likely dig up at least that many more. Wish me luck.

Ships flat between cardboard. Print image is 2.5"w x 3.75"h. Acid-free mulberry paper is 4"w x 6"h.

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