Red Step Studio handcrafted terracotta tiles

Just received my three darling tiles safe and sound! They are SO cute--I am really going to enjoy seeing these happy images every morning. Thanks again--keep up the good work! 

BH, N. Carolina

We love this work of yours (a custom tile mural for a backsplash) and can't imagine our home without it. 


CW, Seattle

Hi Paula, Your work never ceases to amaze me. It is truly beautiful.

SH, Walla Walla, WA

Hi Paula-Just wanted to let you know the tiles arrived and they’re gorgeous. We finished tiling the kitchen with your beautiful tiles this weekend.  Attached are some pictures. We absolutely love the way they look. Thanks for making our kitchen a one of a kind.

CF, Colorado

Hi Paula, The tile arrived today and is so beautiful - it can only make me smile.  Thank you very much! Take good care.

RT, Seattle

hey Paula -The tile just came and it's perfect, as usual. A better and much more memorable offering than the seven layer dip [though not that there's anything wrong with that]. Thanks again.

TM, Massachusetts

Hi! Your package arrived in perfect condition several days ago. Finally had time to open it. Absolutely darling! My daughter is expecting her second child and she and her husband have been calling the baby bump "Cupcake" in hopes of a girl this time…So hopefully soon I will be presenting this little tile to them in honor of a baby girl. Thanks so much for your artistry!

BH, N. Carolina

It’s so wonderful that your tiles are in homes of people who respect art and the process and don’t just go to Home Depot! Paula, your art makes so many of us happy every day.

SW, California

Hi Paula: Well the kitchen installation is FINALLY done and I could not be more in love with husband is getting sick and tired of saying "Stop staring at the wall" to me, but I can't help myself. 

S.D., Dedham, MA

Our custom tile of our red truck with the brown haired girl driving and the dog in the back arrived today, well packaged and protected. What a perfect Valentine gift for our little family. It is already hanging on the wall in our new kitchen. You do quality work and have a top-notch operation. Thank you,

G.B., Sequim, CA

Thank you Paula. Just treasure your tiles. I saw one of your tiles in a friend's house last summer and fell in love with it. I'm not big on owning things, but I couldn't stop at purchasing just one of your beautiful tiles today. So glad I found you on etsy. Have a great week and please keep making such precious works of art. All my best,

K.K., Campbell, CA

I just received the adorable tiles today. Thank you! Your work is really great! Yes, I would love to be on your tile email list. Have a great rest of the week and thank you again,

V.H., Reno, NV

Hi Paula- I wanted to tell you how great the chicken mosaic piece looks at our back door! The colors are perfect with the door and wall and I doubt I'll be able to move it to the chicken coop when we get one. I love it.

C.V., Bremerton, WA

For two years I'd been trying to find the perfect piece of art to hang in my remodeled bathroom. At the tile artists' show in Seattle last fall, I met up with Paula whom I've known through many art fairs over the years. She had a new "River Tiles" series that I loved and that seemed perfect for a 'watery bathroom'.  I asked her if she'd ever made oval tiles before. She hadn't but was perfectly willing to try that and make one with the river theme. I had a color chip of my bathroom paint to give her; she suggested that I cut some different shape and size ovals from paper to figure out the size that would look best for the space.

Everything was done via email and she corresponded quickly and frequently to talk about colors, a framing edge, subject matter, etc. Soon she had six color drawings to send with a variety of angles, river waves, and colors for me to view.


This was all so simple, fast, seamless, effortless (on my part) and thorough. There was nothing more she could have suggested or produced to create a tile that pleased me.


In the end, she made tiles of all six views for me to choose from - a most difficult choice because they were all wonderful! My new tile is hanging now and looks beautiful (she also helped figure out exactly how/where to hang it for the best result). I wish I'd had room to hang at least one more.  Thank you, Paula!  You're amazing and I'm grateful.

J.B., Seattle

I bought a tile triptych of yours, a farm scene with a field in the foreground and a barn, silos, and a mountain in the distance, several years ago at Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton, but only got around to hanging it recently. I absolutely love it.

D.M. Bremerton, WA

Hi Paula, Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks - I received the tiles today & they are PERFECT! I love the artichoke & sunflower & the red truck/black dog one is DARLING! Thanks again SO much!


Hi Paula, I can't believe I completely forgot to tell you how much I love the tile Mike got me for Christmas. Thanks for steering him to such a gem. Cheers,

S.S., WA

Paula: The custom fireplace tile mural you made for us is magnificent!  I love what you've done and it exceeds my expectations. C and I have taken turns holding it up and looking at it this evening. It is certainly a piece that was made for that exact space. Thank you!  

C.R. Bainbridge Island, WA

Hi Paula, The last 'commission piece' you did for me - the duck - was very well received! It's adorable.........PERFECT!!! Love that little reflection too. He loves it and it is hanging in a perfect spot. 

C.K. Portland, OR

The tile arrived on our porch a few moments ago and is now under my coffee cup on my desk just as I envisioned.  Thanks for removing the fenders on my red bike--now just like my favorite ride, it is perfect.

E.F., Seattle, WA

Hi Paula: We love your (custom) tile on our fireplace! I think you are really talented and a great value. Best regards,

C.M. Seattle, WA

Paula, Got the tiles and I love them!!  I know the girls will also.  Thanks again!

D.D., Portland, OR

Hi Paula...Just wanted to let you know that my sister, who has been here this past week, truly LOVES the custom cat tiles of Chloe and Buddy!  She was just amazed to receive such a special gift of her two beloved cats! She says to tell you they will have a very special place in her home. Thanks so much for all your skill and dedication involved in making them so delightful! All good wishes for the new year ahead!

J.C., Bainbridge Island, WA

Claire got her tile--the sailboat--and she "LOOOOOOOOVES" it!

E.E., Poulsbo, WA

Just wanted to let you know that the tile arrived safe and sound. It's perfect! Thanks so much,

E. W.

Thank you Paula! It's perfect! It will be a great memento of an outlandish trip. I love it! (Re. a custom tile of a a guy and his cat traveling cross country in a VW bus)

D.H., Seattle, WA

The tiles arrived yesterday, in plenty of time for H.'s birthday party tonight. Thank you again for your help with this – its been a pleasure working with you!

H.C., Bothell, WA

Your beautiful tiles arrived on Saturday! They are really great and we appreciate them so much! Thanks for creating them for us! (Re. a pair of custom 8"x8" tiles)

I.S., Boise, ID

Hi Paula - wanted to let you know that the cat tiles arrived today - safe and sound. They are really wonderful - I love the coloring and design. Thanks for mailing them down to me.

J.G., Portland, OR

Thank u Paula. I love my new tiles.Your artwork is a beautiful addition to our home.

J.L., Silverdale, WA

Just wanted to let you know that the tiles arrived today in perfect shape. And I absolutely love them. Thank you so much for making them.  I know I will surely enjoy them hanging on my kitchen wall. 


Thank you for the wonderful tile of Lucy, our cow. It is terrific, I love the color and how it fades as it goes towards her belly and legs. It is just perfect. I already hung it in our kitchen. I couldn't be happier. Now you have a new animal to put on your tiles. Happy weekend!

J.J., Palo Alto, CA

I just received an order and I would like to let you know how SUPER CUTE my new tiles are! Tiles arrived safely and in one piece. They are hanging in my kitchen, and I have a series of chickens purchased awhile ago as well.


I wanted to let you know the tiles arrived about two days after you sent them and they arrived safely. They turned out beautiful and I love the changes, they look just like my kitty girls, thanks for doing that for me. I have a small entry way where my back door is. I keep the cat dish's there and have decorated the area with cute cat related items, I call the entry the "kitty kitchen", I will be hanging the tiles in that area, they will be perfect there. I am looking forward to giving the "cat and antique chair" tile to my sister, she will love it too. Thanks again for everything,

K.C., Portland, OR

....okay Paula!  Your work is really adorable and congratulations for inventing such a cool media.

M.M. San Francisco, CA

I meant to email you immediately last Saturday when my package arrived. It was a complete surprise! Wasn't expecting it so soon. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I LOVE my tiles. They are beautiful. Perfect! You are such a fine artist.  Thanks again for my lovely tiles

M.P., Edmonds, WA

Thanks Paula, I love your tiles! I have 4 in my kitchen above my sink! They make me smile ! Thanks again,

P.H., Portland, OR

Your tiles in our Bellingham kitchen "sing" to us every day

R.F., Bellingham, WA

Hi Paula, I wanted to let you know that I received the tile late last week. It's beautiful and a wonderful addition to our other tiles of yours!  Thank you so much for your care and excellent customer service. All the best to you and your business!

S.S., Atherton, CA

Wow!!!! Thank you!
We just returned from Newport/Yachats Oregon. When we got back, there waiting at the Post Office was the wedding tile...simply wonderful. I love the special touches you give to your art. I gently keep taking it out of the box and admiring the scene you created...yes, you captured what I wanted. Give yourself a pat on the back!...I wish you could have been present when my son and his wife opened their wedding tile made by you. It was such a joyful reception! They kept admiring it throughout their stay. It traveled hand carried and wrapped in lots of bubble wrap onto the plane. They have theirs and I have mine. Thank you. Keep the happiness flowing.

S.E., Gig Harbor, WA

Paula, we received the tile on Saturday -- it is just perfect and will make a great Xmas present for our daughter's family.  Thanks so much for taking to trouble to change the design for us. My husband has a custom picture framing business. He's framed the small tiles we got from you previously by "floating" them on colored background in a shadow box. They look really nice done that way. 

S.M., Seattle, WA

I love my 6" x 6" chicken tile!!  I have it prominently displayed on a countertop in my kitchen.

M.J., Spokane

It arrived today and is so beautiful - it can only make me smile.  Thank you very much! 

R.T., Seattle

This tile takes me to my happy place!

J.H., Portland

My Mom loved the tiles! (A set of custom chicken tiles). Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

L.C., Portland

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