Red Step Studio handcrafted terracotta tiles
Mosaic Tile Art

Are you ever concerned that your framed kitchen or bathroom art will be damaged
by moisture or random splashes from the pasta pot? Worry no more!

Mosaic tile art from Red Step Studio is impervious to moisture.
So go ahead- hang a framed tile in your kitchen above the sink,
display a pair in your bathroom or in the laundry room with utmost confidence.
Decorate your garden shed or potting bench! How about one on the chicken coop?
This section features my "mosaic" work: tiles framed with colored accent tiles using
cement backerboard, mortar, and grout. Each piece is sealed and ready to hang
with stainless steel picture hanging hardware permanently attached.

Many customers hang these behind their stoves as a focal point. If it is hung on a
tiled wall, the moasic can appear as a permanent installation. But if you ever move,
you can take it with you!

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