Red Step Studio handcrafted terracotta tiles
       Tile Specifications
  • All Red Step Studio ceramic tiles are made one at a time by hand; slight variations are the hallmarks of the handmade tile. So, sometimes there will be small differences from the picture you see on this site to the one you will receive. The design and the color will be the same, but some of the carving and marks may be slightly different. You will own an original!

  • A stout wire loop embedded in the back makes the tile ready to hang. The loop is in a recessed area, allowing the tile to lie flat for installations or for use as a trivet. All tiles come with cork pads adhered to the four back corners; a small descriptive hang tag is included.

  • All dimensions shown with each listing are +/- 1/8". This is caused by the slight differences in the clay batches from the supplier and slight temperature and handling variations. The tiles are 3/8" thick.

  • The white surface color is a warm tone. The terra cotta is a red earthenware clay that shows small flecks of white. Please disregard color variations you see in your monitor: the white and the terra cotta are the same color on all tiles.

  • The tiles are fired in an electric kiln and are considered "low fired": this means they are suitable for decorative purposes, for installations on vertical surfaces such as a tub surround, kitchen backsplash or fireplace.

  • They are not recommended for use on kitchen counter tops or in permanent outdoor installations where wet/freezing conditions exist.